i am bored, like, my life isnt boring but i dont know i just get so bored so many times it almost seem like either i have no life or that im always to spaced to actually realize that my life is awesome.
idk but i might be actually falling in love with FIONA APPLE, i know i'm like 10399483 years late but i was like what? 0 when she came out.. god I want a voice like hers, shes totally perfect i love her physical appearance too but like her voice... oh my god... what a siren.
PLUS. i've always kind of had this love hate relationship with Joanna Newsom. Love because I thought she looked like a medieval elf, hate because i always thought her voice was totally weird but i love her harp playing, but i mean, sometimes, most of the time her voice is magnificent, but like sometimes it kinda scares me. PLUS shes dating adam samberg...hot...
oh and i also have exams, i actually have made like a zillion of new drawings but im lazy and i hate scanners so yea i havent done anything to publish them here.
oh and im borderline OBSESSED with andrew WK, which is retarded because i fell in love with his arms. lol, bye.

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keep drawing :')