gustave dore

Dore is one of my favorite artists, he woodcuts his art in a very gothic manner.
+1 because he illustrates the best Divine Comedy scenes ever, even better than Botticelli and Dali.

The Divine Comedy is a prose written by Dante Alighieri, if you like books on purgatory, hell and heaven and the adventure in seeking it, you'll be psyched reading this book. I know I did. It's a bit creepy but you'll get through it. Sures fuck better than any of the books written now and then.

I also just finished reading The Crucible, which is also really good. I just knew they made a movie out of it with Winona Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis (in his hot days), I dont know but it looks bitchin'.
It's about sorcery, salem and lies and shit like that. I read it online, I am a cheap ass bitch, yeah I know.

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erika mengatakan...

what is with the obsession with nuns that smoke, if I may ask? :)

TALULA mengatakan...

omggg i really dont know! i guess its the fact that they are holy women but they're doing something that is irresponsible. i find it kind of funny when i find pictures of them doing so, its like treasure for me. im obsessed with nuns... mainly